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 A little about the person behind Wee Beary Tails Bears. I'm a teddy bear artist based on the South East Coast of the U.K. I design and create colourful, contemporary, unique & wild artist bears, sometimes bunnies, lions, puppies, pandas and more recently Clowns too. My creations are full of character and intended for adult collectors. I think what makes my bears special are their noses - they do get lovely compliments and I do like to give my bears extra long ears & a big smile.


I have been making bears for about 18 years now. Bear making started off as a hobby whilst working part-time & now it's my full time occupation. I am a naturally creative individual from an artistic family. From a very young age I was always encouraged to create things in all sorts of media from little wool felt finger puppets to paintings. Throughout my early school years I really enjoyed art & craft lessons. I decided to take Art at GCSE level which I then followed on to A level Art, A level Art Graphics & Media Studies. I would draw and paint at any available opportunity. On leaving the 6th form I continued on to Art College.

It wasn't until I had a break from work following an operation back in 2005 that I made my first proper bear, from then on I was totally hooked, making bears for friends & my family. 


A short time later Wee Beary Tails Bears was born.

You may have guessed already that I really love colour and my creations usually reflect this, I do enjoy making bears based around a theme such as Christmas, Halloween or a Season. My rabbits tend to hop out at Easter! I make them in a variety of sizes starting at 6inches up to 15inches from paw to ear. I love picking out fabrics, the different colours & textures. Mohair is my most favourite material to use. The part of the bear making process that I enjoy the most has to be giving them their faces - particularly sewing on their noses. Inspiration comes from everywhere, a colour, a piece of fabric, nature, a new thread can begin the creation of an entire bear.


The wonderful feedback I receive from a collector who has adopted one of my bears - on meeting their new addition 'in the fur' makes creating them so worthwhile.  Knowing they have brought a smile to someone in the world is a lovely feeling.


I do still really love to draw & paint when time allows - sometimes it can be quite a challenge juggling drawing, painting and bear making. I'm very lucky to be able to do what I do, I enjoy it all so much it's difficult to decide what to do first. My hands always need to be busy!

I do have a favourite bear that I made in 2015 called Candy Corn, he was a Halloween themed bear, I didn't keep him, he has a lovely home in the USA. I liked him so much and I was so pleased with him he gave me the push I needed to decide to enter him in the TOBY Awards in the small undressed bear category. I didn't tell anyone I'd entered him (except my mum) I was so very thrilled to learn in January 2016 that the little guy won. I am still over the moon now & it was such an amazing surprise, to be among so many talented bear artists was just incredible - definitely a highlight for me. I can say that I'm an award winning bear!  

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me, if you do have any questions please feel free to contact me at

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