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'Hoppity Hyacinth'

  • Thank you for stopping by to meet my latest bigger artist bunny rabbit with Easter Gonk print feet and inner ears,  introducing "Hoppity Hyacinth'' she is full of Easter fun & such a pretty colour which was a little tricky to capture! I hope you like her :)

    Sh measures approx 13" tall when she is standing and 9.5" when sitting - due to her design she does prefer to sit, her ears are partially wired so they can be posed and are approx 6.5" long.

    She has been created from: long pile pale lavender faur fur & long pile peppermint green faux fur for her tail and ear tips. Easter Gonk printed cotton paw pads and inner ears which have been backed / lined, long pile wavy mohair in a dusky purpley pink for her muzzle. 

    She is fully jointed with cotter pin joints, has a secure wobble joint for her head & is weighted with steel weighting in her arms, feet and her body and filled with poly fibre filling so she feels cuddly but weighty, all her joints move freely making her very poseable.

    She has a sewn in woven ribbon tag in her back. Black glass eyes, fabulous tones of pastel blue, green and pink perle thread nose with sparkly gold highlights. Black perle cotton thread mouth detail, she has a needle sculpted face. She wears a  crushed satin dusky rose ribbon bow, and has white thread whiskers too. Her ears are wired - lovely to pose!

    Hyacinth will arrive with her own signed swing tag label. She is a collectors item therefore she is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.~ NOT A TOY ~ If you would like to see more photos or have any questions or comments please email me.
  • United Kingdom - £11.00

    Europe - £25.00

    Rest Of World - £35.00

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